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Начата 24 февраля 2022 года. С первых же минут рф ведет ее с нарушением законов и правил войны, зазватывает атомные станции, уничтожает бомбардировками мирное население и объекты критической инфраструктуры. Правители и армия рф - военные преступники. Все, кто платит им налоги или оказывают какую-либо поддержку - пособники терроризма. Народ Украины вас никогда не простит и ничего не забудет.
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Reference on the research, scientific and organisational activities of PETROV Stanislav V.

PETROV Stanislav V.
Born 1947; 1969-1975 - the student of the Kiev Politechnical Institute; the Gas Institute of NAS of Ukraine: 1975 - engineer, 1977 - scientific employee, 1982 - senior scientist, 1985 - conducting senior scientist - up till now. 1982 - Ph.D. degree in Technology and Machines of Welding Production, Thesis: “Researches and development of installations of increased capacity for spraying of coatings in combustion products plasma “, 1996 - Doctor of Technical Sciences degree in Technology and Machines for Welding and Related Process, Thesis “Hardware - technological bases of thermal spraying of coatings and materials processing in gas - air plasma”
Since 1998 – member of the Special Board for Defense of Doctoral Theses in speciality “Processes of the physicotechnical treatment”, and Professor of the Kiev Technical University.
Since 2009 – Member of the Special Board for Defense of Doctoral Theses in speciality “Technical thermophysics and industrial heat-and-power engineering” of the Gas Institute of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine

Scientific Activities:

Main fields of research: Theory of processes in plasma and their applications for spraying, materials processing and plasma chemistry. New engineering, high technologies and plasma equipment.
The research activities of S.V. Petrov in a period 1990 – 2005 dedicated to  plasma technology and equipment of high-power spraying in a supersonic plasma flow of combustion products, plasma surface hardening of heavily loaded machine parts have received wide recognition both in Ukraine and abroad. Aluminoceramic plasma spray coatings have found application in Russia for corrosion protection of pipes. Certificates granted by the government – "Standard instruction for protection of heating systems from external corrosion" RD 34.20.518-95, valid since 01.01.1996. TU 1394-002-18550818-99 and technological regulations for the process of plasma deposition of aluminoceramic coatings on pipes and connecting pieces with a diameter of 57-820 mm. One very successful application of  plasma processes is treatment of railroad equipment in the Ukraine. Available are plasma surface hardening technologies and equipment developed for increasing the contact-fatigue strength of metal and, as a result, increasing the service life of wheelsets. The tests showed that in all the cases the intensity of wear of the wheelset ridges after plasma hardening was much lower (2,5-3 times) than that of the ridges after standard hardening. The technology for plasma hardening of surfaces of the wheelset ridges is applied commercially using the special plasma equipment and the relevant automatic production line.
The research activities of S.V. Petrov in a period 2006 – 2013 dedicated to  plasma-chemical technology (during development): 1. Procedure and Equipment for Organic Waste Steam Plasma Processing. The work is aimed at the development of a new environmentally appropriated process of waste (including those hazardous and detrimental) conversion into a liquid product – the high-quality combustible synthesis gas, and specifically at the increase of the process energy efficiency with minimum emission of harmful substances. 2. Process and Equipment for Plasma-Chemical Production of Silicon for Photovoltaic Power Generation. The purpose of the entire project is to build plasma units designed for a range of powers and productivities. 3. Plasma Treatment of Radioactive Water. The project proposed is intended for commercial application of a system for treatment of water contaminated with radioactive nuclides. This system is based on the use of the dissipated plasma arc discharge in a flowing gas-saturated water environment.
Publications: 2 monograph, 200 publications in referred journals and collections, 45 communications to scientific conferences and 32 patents.

Selected Publications:

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